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The following terms are an agreement between you the user and us Sandfish Design trading as Sandfish Software Ltd (previously known as W3 Communications Ltd) and outline your and our responsibilities regarding the use of this website and the information contained within it. Please carefully read these terms and conditions in conjunction with our Privacy Policy as they are binding on all website users. If after reading our Terms and Conditions you disagree with any part of them, I’m afraid you will need to discontinue to use our services and leave the website.


The use of the terms ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘we’ refers to this website sandfish Design which is a trading name of Sandfish Software (previously known as W3 Communications Ltd).

The use of the terms ‘Sandfish Design also refers to the owner-operator of this website which is Sandfish Software Ltd.

The use of the terms ‘you’ or ‘user’ or ‘visitor’ refers to you the website browser.

The use of the term ‘this website’ refers to the website www.sandfishdesign.co.uk.

Access to our website

The information contained in our website is primarily aimed at UK users and is only directly relevant to those companies and individuals living in the UK. We reserve the right to restrict access to any other country, individual or company at any time without prior notice.

All users are free to browse around and read all content incorporated into our website. You will not be permitted to access sensitive information in any restricted area. A restricted area is one that requires a valid username and password to access sensitive information. Only current Sandfish customers with a valid username and password will have access to these areas. Any attempt to gain unauthorised access to these restricted areas will be seen as an attack on our website. Your URL will be blocked and reported to the relevant authorities.

Use of materials contained on our website

All website content which includes, written or photographic materials, intellectual property, website code, illustrations, videos or any other materials contained on our website is either copyright Sandfish Software Ltd or belongs to our licensors.

You are not permitted to copy, print-off, download, incorporate, re-publish, distribute or sell any of the content contained on our website.

If you breach any of the above terms of use, your right to continue to use our website will be revoked immediately. You will be required to destroy all copies you have of any part of our website and you will not be permitted to visit our website again.

Website content

As the owners of this website we reserve the right to modify, change, re-write, update, re-order, re-design or delete any material contained on our website without any prior notice.

We provide this content for users free of charge in good faith that they will use it responsibly. All information contained on our website is for general guidance purposes only and should not be relied upon for any legal proceedings.

Our website content is regularly updated and checked for errors and accuracy. However, occasionally it is possible that some content can be out of date or incorrect.

We, therefore, do not provide any guarantees or warranties that our content is accurate, current or without mistakes. It is up to website users to check any facts or reports with other sources and make their own decision as to its validity. Visitors browse our website content at their own risk. We will not be held liable for any loss or damage users may suffer as a result of information on the website which may be subsequently held to be inaccurate, incomplete or misleading.

We make every effort to ensure that our website is available for users, but occasional website’s experience downtime due to server issues, general maintenance or website enhancement. We, therefore, do not guarantee uninterrupted access to our website and will not be held liable for any interruption of service or damages you may receive as a result of website downtime.

We do not guarantee our website will be free of bugs or viruses, it is your obligation to protect yourself while browsing online with the use of virus software and firewalls.

User Conduct

Website users are sometimes permitted to post relevant information or images onto the website. Users are prohibited from posting or sending malicious, discriminatory, abusive, pornographic or otherwise harmful messages, images or videos on our website. Making prohibited posts will not be tolerated and any user found in breach of these terms will be immediately blocked from the website. We reserve the right to permanently remove without notice, any and all posts that in our opinion are generally inappropriate or not relevant for our website audience.

Users are also prohibited from inserting SQL injections, or other damaging code with the intention of gaining unauthorised access to information or damaging the website. This is a criminal act and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Our website contains several external website links to third party websites, these are for practical guidance only and they in no way represent any formal connection to or endorsement of the quality or accuracy of the third party website or its content.

Our terms and conditions are updated periodically so please visit this page again for any changes, as these terms are binding on all website users.