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Six things to consider before opting for bespoke software

Bespoke software is a fully tailor-made system designed to specifically fulfil or extend a mission-critical business process. While a custom made solution can considerably streamline and improve productivity it is expensive. The question of whether you should opt for a new system, adapt an existing one or try and make an ‘off the shelf’ solution fit, is complex and far reaching for your business.

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Can I really afford the time, resources and funds for this development?

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Can my existing system be adapted to fit my current and future needs?

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'Off the shelf'

Is there an alternative 'off the shelf' software solution available?

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Will the alternative solution be able to grow and expand with my business?

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Do the end users really need an updated system?

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Will the end users be willing and able to use the new system?

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Custom software services

Sandfish design delivers tailored, robust and scalable software solutions to meet the needs of large and small businesses, with guaranteed support from start to finish. Developing in agile technologies means our software is both scalable and powerful, adding value to existing systems.

We also develop flexible modular software designed to integrate and streamline workflows. We can even support and maintain older software developed by third parties if that is what you require.

Project scoping

A comprehensive systems analysis is the first stage for all of our development projects.

Initial project discussions usually take place over the telephone at first contact, but can be done in person at a client’s offices.

This initial project dialogue is essential for project clarification. It often highlights important issues which alter fixed project ideas and concepts. Turning an expensive bespoke system into a more cost effective 'off the shelf' solution. Our aim is to provide you with the best solution that both fits your budget and requirements.

To fully understand a client’s business operations and identify their projects’ key critical success factors we spend up to 3 days (our discovery workshop) at a client’s office space, getting to the nuts and bolts of their requirements.

We use the information gained from our extensive workshops to create our comprehensive Project Scoping Report. This process can take up to three weeks dependant on the size and complexity of your project. If a project prototype is required after project scoping then this could add an additional 5 weeks to the timescale.

Project Scoping Report

  • An outline of what development is required.
  • A Sprint breakdown. (Work is broken up into manageable chunks.)
  • A minimum viable product definition with deliverables and Sprint time frames.
  • A features and functions list.
  • A wireframe.
  • A project risk assessment with mitigation and solutions where possible.
  • A future features list with time frames.
  • A financial breakdown for development.

If you decide to use our services our straightforward payment schedule allows you to easily spread the cost of development and we’ll even refund 25% of your project scoping cost once you instruct us to start your software development.

Project scoping cost

Our project scoping services cost between £1,000 and £5,000 depending on the size and complexity of the project.

If you require a proof of concept to access funding for your project, we can also develop a basic prototype with very limited functionality at an additional cost.